Santa Barbara’s Organic Soup Kitchen Offers High-Gear Nutrition to Frontline Workers and At-Risk Communities

By Colleen Leonardi

Anthony Carroccio, Executive Director of Organic Soup Kitchen in Santa Barbara, CA
Anthony Carroccio, Executive Director of Organic Soup Kitchen in Santa Barbara, CA. Photo credit: Joshua Curry

When Organic Soup Kitchen was founded in 2009 it was committed to feeding populations in need. From cancer patients to seniors to people with degenerative diseases, Organic Soup offers oncology nutrition to vulnerable communities. Their soups are plant-based, organic, and highly nutritious.

Executive director Anthony Carroccio was ready, then, to innovate around the Covid-19 crisis and bring his healthy soups to the frontlines.

“Since the pandemic,” writes Krista Harris, editor and publisher of Edible Santa Barbara, “the Organic Soup Kitchen has gone into high gear with non-stop soup making and deliveries all over Santa Barbara County. In addition to serving new and existing clients, they are also donating soup to the doctors and nurses working tirelessly at our local hospitals as well as local shelters in desperate need of extra food.”

Stress can deplete the body and soup is designed to restore it.

Organic Soup produces each batch without preservatives by blanching and roasting their produce and then vacuum-sealing it to preserves its natural juices. They use “seasonal, organic produce from local farmers in order to reduce” their carbon footprint. They also preserve the medicinal value of the herbs and spices they use by cooking with non-radiated products.

Each batch offers at least 15 vital vitamins and minerals necessary for improved immune-system function.

With donations to the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital medical staff and more, they’ve been increasing their production to donate approximately 24,00 ounces of soup, 1,000 containers, to 400 eaters a week. And they are committed to not turning anyone away.

Organic Soup has also created a sliding scale Soup Meal Program within Santa Barbara County. They deliver hermetically sealed soup every Wednesday and you can apply to receive a delivery based on your income. While you must prove proof of residency and low income, Organic Soup is available for questions and committed to helping people. And they have added bone broth to their offerings, if one is looking for nutrition beyond the plant-based variety.

Carroccio and his team are dedicated to “strengthening immune systems throughout Santa Barbara,” one bowl of soup at a time.

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