As Miami Hospitality Workers Face Disproportionate Impact of COVID-19, Family-Owned Meat Distributor Miami Purveyors Steps Up to Help

Brandon Rosenberg is the 3rd generation involved in the family business, Miami Purveyors, delivering premium meats to the Miami area’s top restaurants and boutique retail stores. As Brandon saw the human health and economic impact of COVID-19 quickly spread throughout his community, he knew his family business had a responsibility to help support their staff, customers and neighbors through this unprecedented time. Pairing compassion and entrepreneurial thinking, the Rosenberg family has kept much of their team employed, their business going and the most vulnerable members of their community fed.

While Brandon grew up in the family business, he didn’t always plan for it to become his career—he had his sights set on medicine. This plan shifted after a year in med school when he felt the call of the family business. With a background in health, Brandon was well-aware of the disproportionate health impact underserved communities face every day and that in the COVID-19 crisis these inequities would be even further magnified. He knew Miami Purveyors was in a position to help: “To us, it’s a family legacy, more than a business,” Brandon shared. “We try to be a leader in the industry and in our community.”

Working closely with the restaurant industry every day, Brandon watched as thousands working in food service in Miami lost their jobs. “Many hospitality sector workers—like valets, dishwashers and line cooks—are living paycheck to paycheck, often working two or three jobs at minimum wage to support their family,” explained Brandon. Without work, he knew these workers and their families would be some of the most vulnerable. This concern sparked an initiative launched in partnership with James Beard nominated chef Niven Patel of Ghee Indian Kitchen to support the backbone workers of the restaurant community.

Every week, Chef Niven Patel now hosts pop ups offering delicious, wholesome free meals for unemployed hospitality workers to take home to their families. These meals feature produce grown by Chef Niven himself and meats donated by premier sustainable meat brand Niman Ranch. Through this Ghee/Niman Ranch/Miami Purveyors partnership, more than 700 meals have been served so far. “We each rely on a team of individuals who help us execute on our role. There’s a lot of moving parts, and many of them are often overlooked. We wanted to help those who needed help the most,” explained Brandon.

As Brandon looks ahead, he knows there is a long road back to normal, but he is hopeful that there will be more appreciation for all steps of the food chain—from how a product was produced, how it was delivered to you and who washed your plate. “I think we are going to see more educated consumers through this. They will want to see where their food comes from and how it aligns with their values.”

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