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The Crossword - Eat Your Words

If you don't want to draw on the crossword in the Almost Spring 2015 Issue of Edible Vancouver & Wine Country, you can download a PDF to print out here (and this one has the right number of clues and answers!). If our Art Director, Illustrator, Crossword Designer, and general all-round genius, Bambi Edlund, has you flummoxed, you can download a PDF of the answers here.


Caramel-Apple Macarons


These caramel-apple macarons are time-consuming and a bit finicky, but their soft shells encase a very memorable filling. The recipe for the shells comes from the Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver, a lovely little school in East Vancouver where you can spend a day learning to make high-end pastries.

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The We ♥ Local Awards Winners 2014

weheartlocalThe We ♥ Local Awards winners are in! Congratulations to all of them. Here's who you voted for:

  • Favourite Farmers' Market: Prince George Farmers' Market
  • Favourite Local Advocate: Live! Chilliwack
  • Favourite Local Brewery: A tie between Hoyne Brewing & Howe Sound Brewery
  • Favourite Local Cheese Maker: Natural Pastures Cheese Company
  • Favourite Local Chef or Restaurant/Cafe: Nancy O's
  • Favourite Local Florist or Nursery: Sun Tai Sang Farm
  • Favourite Local Food Truck: Roxie's Diner
  • Favourite Local Greenhouse or Veggie Grower: Windset Farms
  • Favourite Local Meat or Poultry Supplier: Glen Alwin Farm
  • Favourite Local Orchard or Fruit Supplier: Taves Family Farms
  • Favourite Local Seafood Supplier: Bruces Country Market
  • Favourite Local Sweet Treat: True North Kettle Corn
  • Favourite Local U-pick Farm: Willow View Farms
  • Favourite Local Winery: Coastal Black Winery
  • Favourite Local Store to Buy Local: Nature's Pickin's

For more about the winners, visit weheartlocalawards.ca

Seaweed in My Beer?

Mom always told us not to judge a book by its cover, but the truth is we don’t follow every word of her advice. (Just most of them.) Judging books by their covers and beer by their labels has served us well.

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Please Pass The Potatoes



You can't argue with me. It is a truth universally recognized. The three most beautiful words in the world are: Pass the potatoes.

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Sipping the Universe


The Comfort of Tea


Can the camellia sinensis, as the evergreen tea plant is named, grow on Canada’s west coast? Members of the BC Tea Growers Association think so. The non-profit society, founded in 2011 by tea enthusiasts Adrian Sinclair and Karlis Kalnins, aims to promote the local cultivation of tea. Their website includes a history of local tea growing, dating back more than half a century to St. Vincent’s Tea Plantation in the Fraser Valley.

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Failing Better Every Year


Photo: Carole Topalian

This is usually the time of year when I begin to suspect that my tomatoes are going to fail me again. If the plants haven’t collapsed from late blight, a wet-weather-induced fungal disease that is the plant equivalent of the bubonic plague, then they’ve born only a few fruit, and mealy ones at that. Vancouver is not an easy place to grow Solanum lycopersicum.

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Heartberries: A Love Affair


How to make the most of your relationship with strawberries

By Jane Macdougall - Photos by Ariel Patrich

Come June, you’ll see these ruby-red coquettes on every street corner, their incomparable fragrance promising every good thing that is summer. It is impossible not to be smitten. We’ve waited for this moment all year: local strawberries!

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The Virtuous Vegetable
Monday, 18 March 2013 05:29


By Andrea Bellamy - Photo: Carole Topalian

I had a run-in with vegetarianism that started during tenth grade and ended, abruptly, in front of a fried-chicken counter in Athens. (It was carnival. There had been retsina.) Months later, back at university, I promised myself I’d once again forswear meat. And this time I’d do it right: I’d break my dependence on peanut butter and banana, mac and cheese. I’d actually eat—gasp!—vegetables.

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Nurturing Neighbourhoods: It’s as Simple as Sharing
Sunday, 20 January 2013 20:04

Story & Photo: Andrea Bellamy

Last summer, my family and I left our home of nearly seven years. Even though we moved only two blocks away, it was a big move. We left a tight-knit group of neighbours that had, over the years, become close friends. Although I was excited about our new home, I lamented the loss of that neighbourliness. Of being able to run next door in my PJs to borrow an egg or that proverbial cup of sugar. Of feeling comfortable exchanging keys, and asking the neighbour to feed the cat.

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Spaghetti with Meatloaf


Photo: Barbara Cameron

Edible Vancouver knows that you have two winter stories. There’s the one where you’re all dressed up in your finery, sipping from flutes of bubbly and nibbling on canapés, and maybe watching delicate snowflakes fall like sifted icing sugar. Then there’s the story where you slog home through a dark, soupy commute to arrive in desperate need of comfort. This is our prescription for the latter situation.

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“I’ll be bock.”

No it's not a spelling mistake.


If winter is not your favourite season, perhaps you need to meet The Hermannator. Vancouver Island Brewing has been making this seasonal treat for 25 years, a Bavarian-style Ice Bock that annually warms the hearts of beer lovers throughout our region. (When we purchased a six-pack at Brewery Creek Liquor Store within a day of the October release, the cashier’s face lit up with happiness, as if she’d just caught sight of an old friend.) We call this one big and beefy not just because it’s 9.5% alcohol but because it’s a chewy beer you’ll be tempted to attack with a knife and fork. Next time the skies open up, hunker down by the fire and count on Hermannator to offer all the comfort of a caramel bread pudding.

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