Victory Garden presents edibleFEAST: Episode 13

Travel to Georgia to meet farmers and foragers who gather local ingredients for a feast in the fields, with chef Daniel showing how to make a spectacular farm-to-table meal. Back in his home in Minnesota, Daniel takes fresh, local ingredients to make bread and pickles. In the Victory Garden, Roger shares the secrets of growing garlic and eggplant, and chef Marian uses them to make a delectable eggplant and goat cheese dip.

Victory Garden presents edibleFEAST: Episode 12

In California, visit with farmers and community groups who distribute excess crops to food pantries and people in need. In Rhode Island, learn about small stock food strategies and the role that insects can play in food production. In the Victory Garden, it’s time to harvest cauliflower, onions and leeks, and chef Marian then makes a garden-to-table lettuce salad.

Victory Garden presents edibleFEAST: Episode 11

In Montana, meet a rancher and his family with an entirely new take on raising cows and horses and the related management of the land. In Florida, spend a day with a fisherman — armed only with a hand net — who catches local mullet that chef Daniel prepares for a local dinner. At the Victory Garden, Roger checks on the onions and potatoes and chef Marian makes a braised broccoli rabe.

Victory Garden presents edibleFEAST: Episode 8

Off the coast of Maine, catch lobster and learn about the sustainability issues faced by the local captains. Then meet a unique man who’s discovered a way of life that feeds his soul while harvesting seaweed to feed others. Staying on the water, head to Maryland and learn about the virtues of oyster farms and their critical role in helping preserve natural resources.

Victory Garden presents edibleFEAST: Episode 7

This week, take a trip to Vermont to meet people involved with sustainable farming and see the foods they produce. In San Francisco, three local farms combine the foods they produce for one amazing restaurant meal to celebrate their hard work and support of local agriculture. In the Victory Garden, Roger explains how to grow butternut squash, and chef Marian makes cilantro and mango chutney.

Victory Garden presents edibleFEAST: Episode 6

In upstate New York, learn about the devastating impact on local farmers by Hurricane Irene and the importance and role of CSAs in helping them weather the storm. Chef Daniel demonstrates how to make some wonderful side dishes with farm-to-table ingredients. Then, ride the river in Peoria, Illinois, to catch the sustainable Asian carp. Back at the Victory Garden, Roger plants eggplant and chef Marian makes a Chinese cabbage salad.

Victory Garden presents edibleFEAST: Episode 5

It’s a good and full day on sea and land, first to harvest crab and sea urchin off the California coast. Then, with the catch in hand, prepare a feast with local farm workers who strive to maintain their traditions and culture while doing the hard labor of sustainable farming. Further up the coast, at Magnolia Farm in Oregon, learn the story of naturally raised lamb and a feast to celebrate it.


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