Government Agencies Go Rogue, New GMO Apples, and More Food News

January 27, 2017
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Government agencies create rogue twitter accounts
Government agencies are creating rogue twitter accounts.

U.S. Government Agencies Use Twitter to Defy Trump’s Gag Orders
We depend on these agencies for clean air, water, and land. They support and protect our food supplies, and our health. Communication is vital.

How the GOP’s Border Wall Hits Your Wallet
Their immigration plan will definitely hurt farm labor and restaurants, but reminds us that we should be looking at our own wallets, too. Expect food prices to rise at least 5% while variety decreases. The dairy industry, however, will get hit the hardest, and we could see a 90% (yes, ninety) increase in cost.

The Latest in Apple Technology (Actual Apples)
Reported by Food Democracy Now, a new GMO “Arctic Apple” is coming to America. “Though the browning enzyme genes have been turned off, an Arctic apple can still go brown if bacteria or fungi gets to it.” Otherwise, it can last weeks. Now the question is: will consumers buy it?

Team USA Wins the Bocuse d’Or
American chef, Matthew Peters, from Per Se restaurant in NYC, led the team of chefs that won the 30th anniversary Bocuse d’Or international cooking competition after a grueling 5 hours and 35 minutes.

A Bold New Documentary about Rachel Carson
We can’t wait to watch this on PBS: “When Silent Spring was published in September 1962 it became an instant bestseller and would go on to spark dramatic changes in the way the government regulated pesticides. Drawn from Carson’s own writings, letters and recent scholarship, the film illuminates both the public and private life of the soft-spoken, shy scientist who launched the modern environmental movement.”

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