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What to Cook Now: Blueberry Schlumpf

By Marian Bull | August 21, 2013
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Blueberry Schlumpf from Food52

You may be asking: What is a schlumpf?

Where does it come from? How does it relate to a cobbler, a grunt, asonker, or its etymological doppelgänger, the slump? And why am I berating you with one more fruit dessert, at the end of the Summer of Strangely Named Fruit Desserts

My answer is this: when you have a family recipe with a funny name, you must share it. Especially when it requires five ingredients, one bowl, one pan, one spoon. Especially when it is sweet. 

Blueberry Schlumpf from Food52

For over a century my grandmother's relatives have spent their summers in Sorrento, Maine. My parents just recently hopped on the bandwagon, and they now spend the month of August summering.Nearly everyone there is a cousin, whether honorary or second or once removed. And at every gathering, my father's cousin Hasso always brings out a large pan full of blueberry schlumpf: a gooey mess of wild blueberries, topped with a second mess of sugar-butter-flour pebbles. Mess two sinks into mess one.

As I write this, my parents are up in Maine, engaging in leisure activities. I remain in New York, envious, closing my eyes hard and remembering the colors that the sky turns over the Atlantic when the sun begins to set and the clouds diffuse orange and pink light. 

I pick up a pint of Not Maine Blueberries at the market, and I do my best to fill the schlumpf-sized hole in my heart. 

Blueberry Schlumpf from Food52

Blueberry Schlumpf

Makes one 8 x 8 pan

For the filling
quart wild blueberries (conventional will do)
2 tablespoons flour
 tablespoons sugar

For the topping
cup flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup butter

See the full recipe (and save and print it) here.

Photos by Eric Moran 

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