Secret Ingredient: Cardamom

Last Updated October 23, 2017
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Green Cardamom

Native to India, cardamom plants are prized for their seeds, which can be used whole or dried and ground into a powder. Cardamom, the 3rd most expensive spice in the world (after saffron and vanilla), has an intense flavor -- smoky and somewhat minty -- but it works well in drinks, desserts, and savory recipes. Here's how to use it in everything from homemade curry powder to ice cream.

Web Exclusive: Cardamom Cornbread

"While some trends are admittedly awful (my stink eye is on you, low-fat snack foods), our fascination with food trends reveals an aspect of American food culture that is exceptional and exciting:...

Vegan Cardamom Orange Pecan Cookies

Vegan Cardamom Orange Pecan Cookies
Make these cookies once and you will discover that butter, eggs and milk are not prerequisites in the creation of amazingly delicious baked goods.

Fried Apricot and Cardamom Sugar Handpies

Apricot and Cardamom Handpie Recipe
Everyone will love this little deep-fried treat.

Easy Cardamom Apple Tart With Pomegranate Maple Glaze

apple tart
A perfect accompaniment to a one-pot main course, this apple tart takes mere minutes to prep. You can pop in the oven when dinner is served, and it will be done in time for dessert. You can find...

Asabia el Aroos with Cardamom and Honey

baklava with cardamom and honey
Also called Bride’s Fingers, this is a Middle Eastern version of baklava. Bake in muffin tins for easy serving.

Mango Toast with Cardamom Tahini

Mango Toast with Cardamom Tahini
From Let’s Eat Too Many Mangos Before It’s Too Late available here.

Blood Orange and Cardamom Tarte Tatin

Blood Orange and Cardamom Tarte Tatin
"A citrus spiced tarte Tatin is proper winter comfort food."

Turkish Coffee Brownies

turkish coffee brownies
Turkish coffee is ubiquitous in Israel. This dessert has a caffeine kick that’ll keep your party guests awake so they can enjoy every last bit of the delicious food you prepared. The cardamom gives...

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