12 Amazing Things You Can Make with Pumpkin

Last Updated October 20, 2016
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12 pumpkin recipes

Roasted pumpkin slices (and seeds) are a quick and easy treat, but you can do so much more with this versatile fruit. Grab a few extra pumpkins the next time you go to the store or farmers market because these recipes are quite amazing.

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Nourishing Pumpkin Soup

A red Le Creuset pot full of nourishing pumpkin soup
For this nourishing pumpkin stew, use a sweet and flavorful squash of the season. Dr. Abrams recommends Marina Di Chioggia.

Lentil and Pumpkin Shami Kebabs

Usually shami kebabs are made with a ground meat such as mutton, lamb or beef, which makes this vegetarian version different from the traditional variety you would typically find. The combination of...

Pumpkin and Goat Cheese "Mac and Cheese"

pumpkin and goat cheese mac and cheese
Folks don’t often do much with pumpkin except make a pie, or perhaps soup. But pumpkin has many possibilities including adding mild flavor and creaminess to this classic dish. This is one idea to...

Maple Roasted Pumpkin Wedges

Cooking pumpkins are sometimes labeled pie pumpkins or sugar pumpkins, but any small pumpkin (or winter squash) will work. Roasting times will vary depending on the size and moisture content of the...

Homemade Savory Pumpkin Flour Tortillas

definition of pumpkin with graphic
A step away from traditional sweet pumpkin bread recipes, these tortillas tread on the savory side. They’re best eaten while still warm, topped with butter and a sprinkle of finishing salt.

Pumpkin Risotto Cakes with Sage Honey

Seminole Pumpkin Risotto Cakes
Serve these savory cakes with sage-infused honey. This recipe uses Seminole pumpkin, a native Florida pumpkin which grows wild in the Everglades. It was under cultivation by Seminole Indians when...

Pumpkin Scalloped Potatoes

Pumpkin Scalloped Potatoes
In her 1872 Appledore Cookbook Maria Parloa, arguably one of America’s first celebrity cooks who “womanned” the stoves at both the Appledore House on one of the Isles of Shoals and the...

Bocktown Beer and Grill's Famous Pumpkin Bisque

Bocktown Beer and Grill's Famous Pumpkin Bisque
Stop by Bocktown Beer and Grill through December for a taste of their famous pumpkin bisque, or test your skills in the kitchen with this recipe!

Indian-Spiced Pumpkin and Jackfruit Chili

Indian-Spiced Pumpkin and Jackfruit Chili
This chili received some awesome feedback at my neighborhood chili cook-off. I made this without beans (true chili has no beans!) but I think the addition of beans or lentils could prove fantastic in...

Pumpkin Braised Short Ribs

A beautiful fall braise with short ribs and pumpkin
If autumn had a celebrity dish, this would be it. These short ribs will be the reason your succah or Thanksgiving table is the place to be. The long, slow cooking time yields rich, succulent results....
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