Picnic Basket Inspiration: Salads, Sandwiches, Desserts and Drinks

Last Updated July 06, 2017
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picnic basket recipes

The next time you head to the park, pack your picnic basket full of these goodies. They're delicious, easy to make, and travel well.

Broccoli Slaw

Similar in flavor to a traditional cole slaw but with an intense crunch and slight sweetness from the broccoli stem and a pop of color from the red cabbage. 

Lady Pea Salad

You can substitute any peas for the Lady peas in this summer salad courtesy of Teresa Blackburn.

Spicy And Sour Refrigerator Pickles

Spicy And Sour Refrigerator Pickles in a jar
I don't think my husband and I could survive without a jar or two of pickles in the refrigerator to serve with hamburgers, hot dogs, and pulled pork sandwiches. So it really says something that this...

Goat’s Cheese, Black Olive, and Herb Muffins

goat cheese, black olive, and herb muffins
Savory goat cheese muffins are an easy picnic basket filler.

Mashed Chickpea Sandwich

mashed chickpea sandwich
This flavorful spread is perfect for making a quick sandwich, or packing as a dip for your favorite whole-grain crackers.

A Classic Lobster Roll

a classic lobster roll recipe
This is an old-fashioned lobster recipe -- typical lobster shack food.

Friends of the Nori Roll

how to make a nori roll
Nori rolls have it all—crunchy, creamy, and juicy all in one bite.

Fig Bread

Fig Bread
"My little ones love mashing up the figs and I love having their helping hands in the kitchen."

Jim's Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies

These are these best peanut butter cookies ever. The use of cornstarch, which is gluten free, makes them crumbly and "short" by breaking up some of the gluten in the flour, hence making them a bit...

Rosemary Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies

These crisp and delicate chocolate chip cookies are delightfully complex and sophisticated. The rosemary and orange give these savory, crisp cookies an adult twist. The slightly nutty flavor of the...

Sparkling Mint Lemonade

This time of year we’re looking to celebrate on the lighter side. Our refreshing sparkler is great for kids and adults alike. For the over-21 crowd, add an ounce of Anchorage Distillery Vodka to a...

Blueberry Basil Lemonade

What is a southern picnic without fresh lemonade? Blueberries and basil give a fresh, local twist to this familiar staple at the summer table.

New Ways to Make Iced Tea

iced tea recipes
Summer goal: making all of these. A simple brewed tea over ice -- sweet or unsweet -- is always a thing of beauty, but we love all of these variations, too. 
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