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Make These Snacks Now & Save Yourself Misery Later in the Week

By Kendra Vaculin | September 07, 2015
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When it's Thursday at 3:45 P.M., you'll be so pleased with yourself for making—and packing—these snacks ahead of time.

Photo courtesy of Mark Weinberg/Food52

It hits me halfway between lunch and when I leave work for the day: not hunger, not boredom, but the strange and itchy combination of the two called Needing A Snack. It’s largely mental and hugely aggravating, and I can do nothing but wander around like somnambulant zombie monster until I fix it.

Worst case scenario: I get up from my desk and slink to the office kitchen. I pour myself a glass of water. I open the refrigerator and peer in. String cheese. I shut the refrigerator and open all of the cupboards. Gum. One errant almond. I step back and try to look at everything at once. A plastic bear of honey. One half sleeve of cracker crumbs. I open the fridge again. Close it. Cupboard. Fridge. I take a sip of water. I walk in a circle. I collapse. I expire. There are snacks in heaven.

Best case scenario: I am my own personal hero, because I made a big batch of a snack over the weekend. I am the very best version of myself, and have doled out individual servings of said snack into plastic bags in my pantry. I have all of the traits of a highly effective individual, one of which is Remembering To Slide One Snack Bag Into My Work Tote Before Leaving My Apartment In The Morning. At 3:14 PM, I pull the snack bag out from under my phone charger. I eat it. It is perfect. I regain personhood. I live another day.

With a little foresight, the dream is possible! You can achieve greatness, or at least not chew so hard on the back of a pen in hungry frustration that ink explodes all over your face. For your next snacking success story — and mine when I feel like participating in self-care — a collection of my favorite noshable bits from Hangry posts past. Some sweet, some salty, some muffins.

Nutella Popcorn Puppy Chow

Photo courtesy of Mark Weinberg/Food52

Bulk Bin Snack Bars

Photo courtesy of Mark Weinberg/Food52

Cinnamon Rice Krispie Treat S'mores

Photo courtesy of James Ransom/Food52

Wasabi Pea Snack Mix

Photo courtesy of Mark Weinberg/Food52


Gluten-Free Orange Spice Poppyseed Muffins

Photo courtesy of James Ransom/Food52

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