Lure: Healthy, Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the West Coast

Last Updated October 11, 2017
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Lure: Healthy, Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the West Coast

Ned Bell is a chef, author, and a sustainable seafood activist -- all culminating in his new cookbook, Lure: Healthy, Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the West Coast.

Packed with recipes, Bell challenges readers to consider their choices and expect the unexpected. In his introduction, he says, “Eating seafood responsibly is not about restricting your options; it’s about opening your mind (and fridge) to a vast array of fish and shellfish that you might not have considered before. In North America, we’re so fixated on the big four—cod, tuna, salmon, and shrimp—that we risk consuming these species to the point of no return.

I want to simplify your life by sharing delicious recipes, easy techniques, and straightforward sustainability guidelines around Pacific species. These recipes are nutrient-dense and plant-based with a focus on sustainable seafood. I know change can be daunting—it took me close to 20 years to go a hundred percent ocean friendly. But I’m hoping that by sharing my journey, I can help get you there faster.”

Enjoy these recipes for lingcod, sablefish, oysters, wild salmon, a prawn cocktail, and be sure to check out the 13 easy things you can do to ensure that the seafood you love is sustainable.

Recipes copyright 2017 by Ned Bell. Excerpted from Lure: Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the West Cost, by Ned Bell with Valerie Howes. Republished with permission from Figure 1 Publishing Inc. 

Lingcod with Mushrooms and Black Truffle Vinaigrette

A feast of umami, this lingcod and mushroom dish is the stuff of winter’s-night dinner parties.

Sablefish with Cranberries, Cashews, and Cauliflower

sablefish with cranberry chutney and cauliflower
Here the sablefish is seared until the skin is crispy and caramelized, and then served with a sprinkle of crunchy, buttery cashews.

Baked Oysters with Maple Béarnaise

baked oysters with maple
A play on oysters Rockefeller, this dish is all about luxury.

Caesar with Seaweed Vodka “Prawn Cocktail”

The Caesar isn’t just a salad. It’s also Canada’s beloved take on the Bloody Mary. What’s the difference? The Caesar is always made with clam juice.

Planked Wild Salmon with Nectarines, Thyme, Honey, Almonds, and Ricotta

Planking pays homage to the First Nations peoples of North America, who were cooking salmon on wood planks over an open fire long before Europeans arrived.

13 Ways to Make Sustainable Seafood Choices

Talk to your fishmonger, find helpful apps and labels, and be adventurous when eating seafood.
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