Lindsay’s Club Sandwich

Here’s how to spice up a classic standby.
August 29, 2015


3 slices white bread, toasted
1+ T Sir Kensington’s Mayonnaise
A few leaves of butter lettuce
2 slices ripe tomato
2 slices Applegate Natural Good Morning Bacon, cooked until crispy 
1+ T Sir Kensington’s Spicy Brown Mustard
3 slices Applegate Natural Oven Roasted Turkey
2 slices Applegate Natural Emmentaler Swiss Cheese
½ ripe avocado
2 baby gherkins, for garnish if desired



    1. Spread a generous dollop of mayonnaise on the bottom piece of toast. 
    2. Layer on lettuce, tomato slices, and bacon. Coat the next slice of toast with more mayonnaise and place on top of bacon. 
    3. Spread a spoonful of mustard on the top side of the bread and layer on turkey, cheese, and avocado. 
    4. Finish it off with the last piece of toast. Spear baby gherkins with toothpicks.
    5. Insert toothpicks into the club sandwich to hold it all together.

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