It's National Kale Day! 11 Recipes to Celebrate the Versatile Super Food

Last Updated October 05, 2015
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When it comes to health benefits and flavor, kale is a superstar veggie. From hearty, savory soups made with kale to dips and appetizers reimagined with the nutrient-dense vegetable, here are some of our favorite ways to cook with the green super food.

French Lentil Soup with Crispy Kale

french lentil soup with crispy kale
I love this homey soup for its many layers of flavor and texture: the earthiness of the lentils, the sweetness of the onions and carrots, and the crunch of crispy kale. Lentils love to absorb other...

Sweet and Spicy Kale and Tofu Curry

Sweet and Spicy Kale and Tofu Curry
We all like to think we’re unique, but like everyone else, I love kale. So in February I eat a lot of the hearty green. It goes great in most any soup—brothy or creamy. As I live on soup in the...

Kale, Fig, and Walnut Risotto

Kale, Fig, and Walnut Risotto
I created this recipe because I got bored of mushroom risotto. Make it on a “date night” or double and triple it for a dinner party.

Mushroom and Kale Soup

mushroom kale soup
This rich soup, fortified with beef stock and pancetta, deepens the intensity of kale and mushrooms through a long simmering process.

Bean & Kale Enchilada Casserole

Bean & Kale Enchilada Casserole
The secret to making this a speedy casserole without sacrificing authentic flavor is in the quick, homemade enchilada sauce. If your grocery store carries sprouted corn tortillas, give them a try,...


What better way to supercharge guacamole than by adding kale? We asked the kale expert herself, Elise from Kale and Chocolate, to give us her perfect recipe. This recipe is a great replacement for...

Nordic "Pizza" with Kale and Potato

Nordic Pizza with Kale and Potato
Many Italians would consider it blasphemy to call this pizza! Nevertheless, it is a kind of pizza . . . with a Nordic touch. The dough is made with spelt flour, which gives a taste that works really...

October Bean and Kale Soup

I love the October beans (also called cranberry beans) that show up at the farmer's market in the fall. So, with a bag in tow from a trip to the market last week, I whipped up this easy soup. It...

Kale & Artichoke Dip

kale artichoke dip
This is just like your favorite spinach and artichoke dip you’d get as an appetizer at a restaurant, but with healthier superfood substitutions such as kale and Greek yogurt. Super-easy to make and...

Moroccan Kale Ratatouille Sandwich

Moroccan Kale Ratatouille Sandwich
There are a couple of tricks to good ratatouille. First, you need a fair amount of garlic and olive oil. Second, cook it only until all of the vegetables are cooked through. If you cook it any longer...

Parmesan Kale Bread

parmesan kale bread
I was not one of those people who loved kale—until I found new ways to introduce my taste buds to this flavorful, versatile green. Now I can’t seem to get enough of it. If you’re like me and...
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