The Frozen Ecto Cooler Cocktail

August 19, 2016
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Ecto Cooler from Venkman's Restaurant in Atlanta
Photo from Venkman’s restaurant in Atlanta –

When an ice-cold drink just won’t cut it, go frozen. These 6 frozen cocktails over at’s The Feast go beyond your usual margaritas and daiquiris, and they’re helping us keep happy hour extra cool this summer. One in particular, the Ecto Cooler from Venkman’s in Atlanta, is so fresh and delicious, we had to share the recipe.

The Feast gives us the backstory: “Selena Gomez is a fan of this Atlanta spot, named after Ghostbusters. It’s no surprise one of the drinks here also takes a cue from the film. The frosty slushy is the same green color as Slimer, a ghost in the 1984 blockbuster, and the tangy tangerine flavor mimics the Ghostbusters-themed Hi-C juice box from the same era.” Even without the Hollywood connection, we think the fresh citrus and greens make this the perfect summer slushie.

Venkman's Ecto Cooler recipe (serves 2-4)

1 cup vodka
1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
​1/3 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
3/4 cup simple syrup
1 tangerine, peeled and seeded
5 - 10 baby spinach leaves (for color)
7 1/2 cups ice cubes

Put all liquid ingredients in a blender and pulse to combine. Add tangerine and spinach, then blend on high speed until mixture appears completely liquid. Add ice and blend on high speed until slushy reaches desired consistency.

This recipe originally appeared on’s The Feast, in their 6 Deliciously Frosty Cocktails We're Crazy About Right Now roundup. Head over there to more icy inspiration, like our favorite, the frozen Dark & Stormy.

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