Eat Your Roses! 12 Recipes with This Incredible Edible

Last Updated June 06, 2017
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Edible Roses + 12 Recipes

Don’t let your garden roses fall off and rot, put them to good use in the kitchen.

Many of these recipes call for rose water, which is easy to make. Simply rinse off 1 cup of rose petals, place them in a sauce pan and add distilled water until the petals are just barely covered. Simmer on low, but don’t boil, until the petals turn pale – about 20 minutes. Strain into a glass jar and seal. It will keep, refrigerated, for about a week. You can add a teaspoon of vodka to the pot as a preservative, and the rose water will last a bit longer.

Rose Milk Kulfi

rose milk kulfi
Kulfi is Indian ice cream, but a tad creamier. Use edible flowers to make it a beautiful pink.

Rose-Rhubarb Granita

This granita is a refreshing way to enjoy the bounties of Spring and the edible flowers the season has to offer.

Strawberry Rose Juice

Strawberry Rose Cocktail
We start with strawberry. Though the robust sweetness will need to take the lead in the cocktail, it could easily overwhelm if not properly positioned. But the addition of rose adds an airy note,...

Preserving Petals: Extending the Summer with Fragrant Rose Vinegar

Rose Petal Vinegar
Rose petals sprinkled on snow during a winter wedding or bestowed upon lovers in February also make flavorful vinegar. Imagine opening a bottle of fragrant rose vinegar to use in a soup or stir fry...

Ramble On Rose

The ginger simple syrup in this cocktail is easy to make and adds a touch of festive cheer.

Rose Water Gin Fizz

Rose water is one of my favorite additions that I like to add to everything from iced tea to fruit salads and pairs especially well with citrusy cocktails. Just a bit goes a long way and can...

Chocolate Rose Truffles

There’s a reason chocolate is synonymous with love. Cacao, the plant that forms your favorite treats, has naturally occurring compounds called anandamides that trigger neurotransmitters in the brain...

Rose and Strawberry Ice Cream

Rose and Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe
Pastry Chef Yoomi Shelton of the Palo Alto Grill finds inspiration for this dessert from the flowers and fruit of spring. Paired with the bright, creamy flavor of strawberry ice cream, the rose flavor...
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