Cornbread, 11 Ways

Last Updated June 13, 2017
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11 cornbread recipes

The list of dishes made better by a warm, buttery slice of cornbread is long -- chili, salad, and BBQ are just the beginning.  Here are 11 new ways to make it, from sweet coconut to spicy jalapeno and everything imaginable in between.

Web Exclusive: Cardamom Cornbread

"While some trends are admittedly awful (my stink eye is on you, low-fat snack foods), our fascination with food trends reveals an aspect of American food culture that is exceptional and exciting:...

Buttermilk Cornbread

Store-bought bread is fine for making most kinds of bread stuffing, but for cornbread stuffing, I think it’s best to make your own. This cornbread, adapted from a recipe by contributing editor Pam...

Campfire Cornbread

Charcoal briquets: 6 bottom, 8 top. Use a 12-inch cast iron skillet or Dutch oven with a cover to cook this cornbread.

Hot Pepper Cheese Cornbread

hot pepper cheese cornbread
This hot pepper cheese cornbread is great for a quick snack to chow down on or as an accompaniment to a dish such as chili.

Maple and Bacon Cornbread

Maple and Bacon Cornbread
From Call of the Farm by Rochelle Bilow

Okra Cornbread

Okra Cornbread
I’ve made this recipe for years. It started out a way to introduce my husband to the okra that I grew up devouring. An okra that discredited its “slimy” reputation. This recipe’s foundation...

Canna Cornbread

Easy to make and not too sweet. Enjoy.

Lacy Cakes (A Flat Cornbread)

Lacy Cakes
Lacy cakes are a simple and delicious form of cornbread, with no added fat to the batter but enough fat in the skillet to make the bread brown and crisp. Kentucky products Weisenberger cornmeal and JD...

Breaker Cornbread Muffins

Farmers will tell you that when a green tomato just starts to turn a bit pink, it's called a breaker. This recipe makes good use of those tomatoes that straddle the fence between green and ripe. I...
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