Cook Japanese at Home

Last Updated May 31, 2017
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cook japanese at home cookbook

From soba and ramen to teriyaki and hot pots, 200 everyday recipes using simple techniques.

In Cook Japanese at Home, Kimiko Barber provides everything you need to make authentic, homestyle meals. There's a helpful overview of ingredients for a Japanese pantry. You'll learn the history of Japanese cuisine, including items like like tofu and sushi. As she says in her introduction, "Despite its recognition as a healthy choice -- Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world -- the cuisine is often still perceived as difficult. My aim with this cookbook is to dispel any fears you may have, and show you how easy it is to cook Japanese food at home."

Enjoy these three recipes for fried tofu, sake-steamed clams, and raw tuna with rice. 

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Tekkadon (Tuna on Rice)

Japanese Tekkadon - Tuna on Rice
This is a rather unique dish as the only ingredient which is cooked is the rice.

Agedashidōfu (Deep-fried Tofu in Broth)

deep fried tofu in broth
This is probably the best-loved tofu dish. The key is draining the tofu well.

Asari no Sake-Mushi (Sake-Steamed Clams)

Sake-steamed clams
Sake cooks the clams faster and at a lower temperature than water.
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