20 Meals You Can Make and Freeze Ahead

Last Updated January 18, 2018
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smoked turkey enchilada edible houston
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Double the recipe for any of these hearty meals, doughs, and sauces, and you’ll have plenty left over to freeze. For best results, let them cool completely before freezing. With pasta dishes, assemble them before you freeze, then thaw & bake when you’re ready.

Ellie's Roasted Vegetable Empanadas

These savory, baked hand pies are great for lunch box, snack time or dinner. Empanadas can be filled with different combinations of seasonal produce throughout the year.

Classic Lasagne Bolognese

Layers of rich Bolognese meat sauce and creamy béchamel make this one hearty baked pasta dish. While you’re at it, make an extra batch to freeze for later.

Braised Tuscan Meatballs with Rosemary and White Wine

Chris Alberti likes to braise these meatballs—a mix of beef, pork and turkey—in a dry, unoaked Pinot Grigio. “Choose something affordable with a little acidity,” he says. He serves the...

Chicken Meatballs

This imaginative, flavorful recipe for Chicken Meatballs from Angelo Mazzone has become an all-star at Edible holiday parties.
This imaginative, flavorful recipe for Chicken Meatballs from Angelo Mazzone has become an all-star at Edible holiday parties.

Simple Veggie Burgers with Artichoke

Simple Veggie Burgers with Artichoke
Is this the world's finest veggie burger? Only one way to find out...

Hattie B’s Pimento Macaroni and Cheese

This popular macaroni and cheese starts with a classic white sauce and plenty of extra sharp cheddar cheese. At the restaurant they use pimentos from a jar, but with the abundance of red peppers this...

Farmers' Mac 'n' Cheese

Farmers Mac and Cheese
There are two versions of this classic favorite: Farmers' Mac 'n' Cheese with Butternut Squash & a variation with Turnip and Lacinto Kale

White Turkey Chili with Barley

This comfy chili is a great use of leftover turkey. You can even toss in leftover vegetables too. We love it topped with flavorful cheddar cheese.

Vegetarian Red Ale Chili

Julia San Bartolome adapted this recipe from Vinita Anand, proprietor of Poseidon Brewing Company in Ventura. “I think many beers would go with this chili,” says San Bartolome. “I enjoyed it...

Scandinavian Winter Stew: Labskovs

Scandinavian Winter Stew: Labskovs
This recipe from the Scandinavian Comfort Food cookbook is 100 years old, and originally it was made with leftovers.

Bone Suckin’ Brunswick Stew

brunswick stew
Any dish that uses a crock pot feels like fall and this dish is no exception. With its colors and the heartiness of the meat and beans, this stew is sure to put you in the harvest mood.

The Hangover Soup

This soup does for a hangover what chicken soup does for the common cold.

Ginger and Lemon Cauliflower Soup

lemon ginger cauliflower soup
This is a recipe in which the supporting ingredients—in this case, ginger and lemon— bring life to cauliflower.

Broccoli-Almond Pesto

Broccoli Almond Pesto
Everyone will love this fresh (and less-expensive) take on traditional pesto from Ryan Scott's cookbook, One to Five.

Enchilada Sauce

Enchilada Sauce
This Enchilada Sauce Recipe is perfect poured over enchiladas or any other dish that may need a highlight of spice.

Pizza Dough

pizza dough
I think pizza must truly be a gift from the gods. It’s really just an open-faced sandwich, but oh, what a sandwich. When I learned how to make my own, it seriously changed my life! We have pizza at...
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