12 Recipes in Honor of Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year: Greenery

Last Updated January 11, 2017
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Pantone color of the year - Greenery

Usually, it’s the world of fashion and home décor that gets excited about Pantone’s color of the year, but we couldn’t resist this one. Just look at it! Is there anything more fresh and inspiring than bright green produce? Here are 12 Greenery-inspired recipes sure to keep your dining table en vogue all year.

Slow-Cooked Middle Eastern Green Beans

Sometimes you end up with beans that have seen better days. They may be large, tough, stringy or even starting to turn a little brown on the edges. When that happens, this is the green bean dish you...

Broccoli-Almond Pesto

Broccoli Almond Pesto
Everyone will love this fresh (and less-expensive) take on traditional pesto from Ryan Scott's cookbook, One to Five.

Grilled Zucchini "Bruschetta" with Three Spreads

Grilled Zucchini Brsuchetta with Herbed Goat Cheese Spread, Roasted Pepper Spread and Baba Ganoush
Hello, July! It’s too hot to get the oven going, but these grilled zucchini are perfect for cooking, and eating, outside! Top with fresh tomato salsa, or any of these delicious spreads.

Lime Cheesecake with Lychee Jam

Lime Cheesecake with Lychee Jam
THIS TROPICAL DESSERT IS JAW DROPPING. "Making Lychee Jam and spreading it over Lime Cheesecake turns out to be the best way I can think of to make use of lychees and limes this summer. Sweet, tart,...

Cabbage and Apple Slaw

Especially delicious with the rich beer battered shrimp tacos and blackened tofu tacos, this versatile vinegar-based slaw adds crunch and tang to any taco filling.

Summer Kiwi Smash

Summer Kiwi Smash
The Smash is a classic cocktail dating back to the 1860’s that is made for hot days, using what is on hand, and smashing it all together for pure sipping bliss.

Basil Ice Cream

Basil Ice Cream
This is a delicious way to enjoy one of summer’s best aromas in an unexpected but intoxicating form. Serve with black pepper shortbread or, for added oomph, serve it affogato (Italian for “drowned...

Brussels Sprouts Stir-Fry

Brussels Sprouts Stir-fry
Take advantage of the local Brussels sprouts harvest and serve these mini cabbages as a side dish during the holiday season.

Cilantro-Jalapeño Margarita

Cilantro-Jalapeño Margarita
This recipe makes one drink, but can be multiplied easily to make two or an entire pitcher. Enjoy at home on a balmy summer night with a few good friends.

Springtime Asparagus-Pea Soup with Crispy Pancetta

This gentle green soup delivers clean asparagus and pea flavors with a tangy back note. A piece of sandwich bread (use any kind you have, crust and all) thickens the soup in its final moments.
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