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Episode 38 Smart Food: Sam Kass

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Welcome to Smart Food, the podcast hosted by Jane Black. Our guest today is Sam Kass, who has just been named the Senior Policy Adviser For Healthy Food Initiatives (his former title was Food Initiative Coordinator).

If you don't recognize the name Sam Kass, you'd probably recognize his face. He's the chef you've seen on TV working in the garden on the White House lawn. You may have also seen him on Top Chef. And the Today Show. The list goes on.

White House chefs have always got some amount of attention but Sam has become a wee bit of a celebrity in his own right In addition to helping to cook for the first family, he has helped shape the first lady's initiative to end childhood obesity in a generation. On our program today, Sam and I talk about how he got his start, how he ended up with his dream job and his work in the White House to change the way Americans eat.

Written on Tuesday, 13 July 2010 17:23 by Edible Radio

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