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Episode 36: Smart Food - Michel Nischan

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Say hello to Smart Food, the new podcast hosted by Jane Black. Our inaugural guest is Michel Nischan.

Michel is well-known as a chef. He's cooked for 30 years at four-star restaurants in New York and elsewhere and now owns Dressing Room in Westport Connecticut. But he's becoming increasingly recognized for his work as a good-food advocate. He is the CEO of Wholesome Wave, a non profit that works to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to low-income communities and create new markets for small and medium-sized farmers.

In today's program, Michel and I talk about Wholesome Wave's signature double-voucher program, which allows recipients of food stamps and other food assistance to double their money when they buy food at farmers markets, plus a new, innovative pilot that allows doctors to prescribe fresh fruits and vegetables to families. Michel explains how he hopes to create a model for states and the federal government to bring better food to people at more affordable prices.

For more information, check out the articles (Fresh Break for the Needy and Produce Rx) that I've written for the Washington Post or visit

Written on Thursday, 01 July 2010 03:58 by Edible Radio

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