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Welcome to Edible Orange County Magazine

Edible Orange County explores and celebrates the history and passion for food, art and culture within the southern coastal and inland communities of Orange County, California.


Home Cooking with Executive Chef Craig Strong

Nightly Music at The Cellar

The Mission at San Juan Capistrano, CA Photo by Carol Topalian

BTTR founders Nikhil and Alex

Powers of the Prickly Pear

Radiation - A Historical Look

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by Ruth Wheeler New menu items enter the Five Crowns in Corona del Mar and will soon be favorites of Poppy Lane residents not to mention anyone who decides to treat themselves to this landmark restaurant located right off beautiful PCH in South Orange County. Five Crowns, a member of the Lawy’s... Read more...
Tamarind of London, Newport Coast
By Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie For Valentine’s Day, Curry and Chocolate are for LoversWalking into Tamarind of London, you might think you’re in a different type of restaurant.  You won’t see any Hindu wall plaques or Bollywood music – just a sleek, sexy, contemporary designed... Read more...
Organics Can feed the world
Provided by:  www.Organicconsumers.org Most of the world's food is not produced by industrial mega-farms. In fact, over 75 percent of the world's food is produced by 1.5 billion small farmers. The hunger problem is not caused by low yields. The world has 6 billion people and produces enough... Read more...
Second time GMA sues for right to keep secrets from you
May 27, 2014 Provided by: www.Organicconsumer.org By Dr. Mercola On April 16, the Vermont Senate passed the first no-strings-attached GMO labeling bill (H.112) by an overwhelming margin.1 On May 8, Governor Peter Shumlin signed the historic bill into law. The law will require food... Read more...
Dragonflies and light-colored butterflies thrive as European climate warms
May 27, 2014 Source:  Imperial College London Butterflies and dragonflies with lighter colors are out-competing darker-colored insects in the face of climate change. Scientists have shown that as the climate warms across Europe, communities of butterflies and dragonflies consist of... Read more...
Human impact on Amazon rainforest deemed devastating
May 22, 2014 Source: Lancaster University The human impact on the Amazon rainforest has been grossly underestimated according to an international team of researchers. They found that selective logging and surface wildfires can result in an annual loss of 54 billion tons of carbon from the... Read more...
Study proves Fungi cleans oil polluted soil
May 21, 2014 Source:  Aalto University Fungi can be harnessed to clean polluted soil which cannot be cleaned using traditional composting, researchers have found, demonstrating that soil that has been polluted by organic pollutants such as oil can be treated by composting. However,... Read more...
Researching an endangered relationship: Bee species and their search for the flowering plants
May 15, 2014 Source: New Jersey Institute of Technology The timing has been beautifully choreographed by nature. Rising spring temperatures prompt many bee species to begin their search for the flowering plants they depend on for food -- and which they propagate through pollination. But what... Read more...



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