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Furlough Friday


What can the kids do?
By Lily Katz & CC

I live in Maui, Hawaii. Last year our state government started losing money so they decided to keep kids who went to public school home on Fridays to save money.They call it Furlough Fridays. Lots of parents are upset about it because they need to work and there is nowhere for their children to go. I’m lucky because my parents are smart and plan things before. Instead of watchingTV or playing video games my family decided to plant a garden.

I live across the street from the beach and it gets pretty windy. So we decided all together to plant the garden on the south side of the house. The land had a big hill and we didn’t use it much, so this area was a good place. First we dug up the grass and weeds.Then we built redwood planter boxes called raised beds.We used stainless steel so it wouldn’t rust. Then we sunk them into the ground so they were all level.

We planted tomatoes, beets, herbs and carrots in two colors, orange and red. Have you ever seen a red carrot?We also planted sunflowers, lettuce, beans, cucumbers and radishes.

Every Furlough Friday there is so much to do. It’s hard to grow vegetables. Our tomato plant kept falling down and we had to figure out a way to keep it propped up. Some of our vegetables didn’t grow.We are still trying to figure out why. But a lot of the vegetables are doing well and I can’t wait to pick all the vegetables and eat them.

I have a smaller garden where I am just growing carrots and watermelon. I plan to sell the carrots and watermelon so I can get money to make my garden even larger. I will keep doing this until my garden is as large as it can get. Then I will sell one last batch of fruits and vegetables then give the rest of the money to our family garden.

So next time something happens in your life that is not positive, turn the situation around and make it work out.


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