Get Your Caffeine Fix at America’s Best Local Coffee Shops

Last Updated September 22, 2014
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Find local coffee shops that offer pour-over coffee, in-house roasted beans and more.

It’s been a long time since coffee was just about getting a jolt of energy in the morning. These days, we expect to know everything about the brew we’re sipping: where the beans came from, how sustainably they were grown, who harvested them, when the harvest took place, and how the beans were roasted once they were shipped stateside. All this care and concern cropped up during the “third wave” coffee movement, which took off in the mid 2000s and saw young upstart artisans starting to treat beans like seasonal fruits—nurturing, farming, and roasting them with food-nerd precision and an eco-minded concern for the international farm-owning families with whom they now worked. We saw the first big artisan coffee hits come out of Portland, San Francisco, and of course Seattle, but at this point any joe lover can find a carefully crafted cup in independent shops all across the country. Find out how these coffee connoisseurs got into the business, learn what goes into each cup of coffee, and check out some serious coffee shops that should be on your radar.

By Popular Demand: Sidecar Coffee Comes to College Hill

Espresso machine
Students and faculty at the University of Northern Iowa had been without a neighborhood coffee shop for decades—until Sidecar Coffee came along.
|109 Washington Street, Cedar Falls, IA, us

Doma's Doing Good to the Last Drop

Doma Coffee
DOMA Coffee Roasting Company got its start in a North Idaho garage.

Collective Espresso

Brewing masters Dustin Miller and Dave Hart—of Collective Espresso in Cincinnati—are perfecting the art of the pour.
|207 Woodward St., Cincinnati, OH, us

Hand-Brewed and Fresh-Squeezed at Small Point Cafe

Pour over coffee
Super green and fair trade, Small Point Café in Providence, Rhode Island, brews coffee in small batches and offers more than 30 teas. There’s also robot art in the bathroom!
|230 Westminster St., Providence, RI, us

Coffee Shops in Asbury Park

cup of coffee
Meet the coffee shop owners who are turning Asbury Park, New Jersey, into a well-caffeinated town.

Coffee Culture: Bean Scene in the QC

Can Charlotte, North Carolina, rival coffee-centric cities like Portland, Oregon, and Seattle?
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Pick 3 regions for $60