5 Quick Ways to Treat a Sunburn at Home

August 23, 2016
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aloe vera plant

Of course, we all do our best to protect our skin during the summer. From applying sunscreen to donning one of those adorable floppy hats, we know we’re better off losing our tans than damaging our body’s greatest organ. But alas, no one is perfect and sometimes an itching, peeling sunburn intrudes on our summertime fun. While prevention is the way to go, sunburns are, luckily, very treatable. From home remedies to drugstore options, here’s some ways to easily (and quickly) treat your sunburn this summer.

Witch Hazel
Witch hazel is simply an extract from a shrub. Historically used in Native American culture to treat inflammation, it’s now a pretty commonplace astringent with incredible healing powers.  Simply soak a cotton ball in its liquid and dab onto the skin, lightly covering the burn, to immediately begin repairing skin and preventing peeling.  

While we typically like to have this treat via a spoon and not on our bodies, the powerful effects of using yogurt to treat sunburns makes the weirdness worthwhile. Its nutrients help repair and rejuvenate the skin, while the cooling sensation soothes the sunburn’s heat.

Aloe Vera
If you can barely walk outside without turning red, you might want to add aloe vera to your windowsill. This African plant has earned its rep as the sunburn savior and for good reason – its anti-inflammatory properties cools skin and prevents peeling naturally. Plus, you get relief and a new house plant all in one.

Vitamin E
When your skin is badly damaged, you need all the repair you can get. This antioxidant not only plays a big part in reducing inflammation but it also is a major player in anti-aging, preventing wrinkles, and smoothing out skin. You can find Vitamin E in moisturizers and oils or take an oral supplement – either way, your skin will feel the benefit.

Got one of those hard-reaching, awkward burns? Use your tea bags to soothe uncomfortable burns, such as on your scalp or eyelids. Place black tea bags over your eyes, or soak your hair with green tea in the shower. The tea will extract the heat from your body while alleviating any sting.

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