How to Forage for Mushrooms, Greens, and More

Last Updated October 04, 2017
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Stories about finding, harvesting, and cooking edibles in the wild.

Back in the day, hunters and gatherers had no choice except to forage, but today, seeking out wild food has become a popular locavore trend. Blackberries grow all over the Pacific Northwest, leafy greens cover Virginia, and mushrooms sprout across most wooded areas. It’s all waiting to be picked—for free. Of course, precautions must be taken (five percent of mushrooms in the United States are highly toxic). Foragers must not only know what is edible, but they must make sure that the stock will naturally replenish. These stories can help get home cooks get out of the supermarket and into nature.

Foraged Pine Nuts

Savor The Mountains The best time to forage for pinecones is in the fall. The actual pine nuts are located within the scales of the cone....

Eating Rhode Island: A Forager’s Foray

Little did I know that I’d been going along, stepping on my dinner all these years. It’s been decades since the seminal celebrity forager...

Winter Forage: Persimmons

Persimmons are unique in that they become ripe and drop after the first frost, making them the perfect winter fruit. Persimmons are quite...

Forager's Notebook: Root Foraging

Jenna Rozelle
Mud season is upon us. Storage crops have dwindled and greens are sparse. We are all waiting for the salad days of midsummer. But there is...

Forager’s Gold

chanterelle mushroom
Wild Feast Awaits Those Who Seek and Collect

Foraging for Mushrooms with Kyle Fiasconaro

Chef Kyle Fiasconaro spent three years devouring reference books and collecting specimens before he could be called a professional forager. Now he’s sharing his hard-earned knowledge.

Foraging from the Forest Floor: A Life in Mycology

Foraging from the Forest Floor
Go on a hunt with professional forager Hope Miller, and learn how to identify five wild mushrooms.

5 Tasty Plants Worth Foraging For

Find out why it pays to keep your eyes peeled for chickweed, garlic mustard and kudzu.

Where the Wild Foods Are

people in cornfield with beautiful landscape background
Follow a skeptic as she discovers all the food waiting to be collected in Milwaukee’s surrounding woods.
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