2016 EDDY Awards Submissions: Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Who is eligible to enter?
The EDDY Awards recognize editorial excellence among the magazines that make up Edible Communities. Submissions are open to these publications only. Within the community, the EDDY awards are open to all Edible titles who published 4 or more issues during 2015.

2. In what format are entries accepted?
All entries must be submitted in PDF form on ediblefeast.com/eddyentries with the exception of Best Special Issue and the Best Digital categories.

To enter the Best Special Issue category, please mail 10 hard copies of an issue to Edible Media:

Edible Communities
Attn: Susie Lee
5663 Balboa Ave. #356
San Diego, CA 92111

To enter the Best Digital categories, please submit 1 URL per category.

3. What's the publication timeframe to enter the awards? 
All entries must have been published and distributed during the 2015 calendar year, i.e. on the streets for distribution after January 1 and before December 31, 2015. As long as Winter issues are published in 2015, they qualify even if they're designated Winter 2015/2016. Anything published in 2015 qualifies for next year's 2016 EDDY Awards.

4. How many times can I enter?
You may submit one (1) entry in each category, and a piece may only be submitted to one category. Exception: a piece with imagery may also be submitted to one of the imagery categories as appropriate. Edible Media and/or the judges may decide to re-assign the category if they deem another to be a better fit.

5. Can I submit all my entries at once?
Yes, simply scroll down to each category you are entering to upload your submission. When you are done with all your entries, scroll to the bottom and click submit.

6. How can I be sure my submission was received?
Check your email for a confirmation listing the category or categories you have entered. Email confirmations will also be sent for Best Special Issue submissions which must be mailed. Please allow one week from the time you have mailed your issues for these email confirmations to be sent.

7. I uploaded my submission but made a mistake or would like to make a change. Is this possible?
If you made a mistake or need to make a change to your entry, re-enter your submission to overwrite the previous one and email us at eddyawards@ediblemedia.com to let us know.

8. How long will submissions be accepted? 
Submissions will be accepted from March 30, 2016 at 9:00am EST to April 13, 2016 at 11:59pm EST. Best Special Issue hard copies must be received by April 13, 2016, or postmarked by April 13, 2016 via priority or overnight mail.

9. What if my submission doesn’t fit into one of the categories?
We designed all 22 categories to be both consumer-facing and representative of the editorial depth, diversity and excellence that embodies Edible Communities publications. If your submission seems like it doesn’t fit with one of the categories, submit it under the one you think is closest, and the judges will re-categorize it if necessary.

10. What happens once my entry has been submitted? How will I be notified if I am a finalist?
After the submission period closes, our panel of independent judges will review entries and select five finalists per category. If you are a finalist you will be notified by email by May 20, 2016.

We'll announce the finalists on ediblefeast.com on May 25, 2016, at which point online voting will open. The public and judges’ voting period will take place through June 8, 2016. The EDDYs will award both Critics’ and Readers’ Choice Winners in each category, with the exception of Best Special Issue, which will receive a Critics’ Choice Award only.

Winners of both Critics’ and Readers’ Choice Awards will be announced on ediblefeast.com on June 15, 2016, with a special recognition event held at the annual meeting and Edible Institute in Chicago this September.

11. Once the public voting period begins, are we allowed to vote more than once? 
Yes, you can vote once a day during the public voting period. Stay tuned for more detailed information about how this process will work and for strategies to help you fire up your social media channels to promote your entries to the world. Best of luck!

If your question isn't answered here, email us at eddyawards@ediblemedia.com. We’ll be checking regularly and will update our FAQ with new questions as we receive them.

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