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Dear Edible Community,

You’re invited to join Chefs Collaborative in Boulder, Colorado Sept. 28-30 for the Chefs Collaborative Sustainable Food Summit, MOVING MOUNTAINS // SCALING CHANGE.


The Summit is designed by chefs and food professionals, and it focuses on issues that we encounter running sustainable food businesses. The Summit will begin with a critical exploration of the bitter truths of our food system, including issues like antibiotics misuse in meat production and the challenges of operating sustainable ventures at scale. By the time you leave Boulder, you'll be armed with tools, skills, and a network to help you make tangible changes to your kitchens and businesses. The full Summit schedule is online.

The food is also going to be ridiculously amazing – Chefs Collaborative knows how to throw a good party! There are no fewer than four communal meals on the docket, including a Rocky Mountain rendezvous under the stars at an organic farm and a picnic lunch featuring Boulder and Denver chefs on Boulder’s town green.

For all details and tickets: bit.ly/CCSummit2014


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